The Village

A Biannual Letter From Your Son Alek

Dear Mother and Father,

The short summer has ended here in the north. My duties as Dienik have been exhausting at times, but I have managed to make ends meet and hopefully rise my stature in the eyes of my Lord.

As I told you in my letter last spring, I aim to make a mark on these borderlands by showing these simple people what education and enlightenment can do for them. And now I have a plan. My first step will be the founding of a Temple in the hamlet of Moreny. I introduced the idea to the village elders — or Starzy as they call themselves — on my Spring rounds. They liked my thoughts and plans, seeing wisely that a House of Worship would bring many good things to them and to their children and to their children’s children.

Soon after, I spoke before Lord Drelius about my plans for the village and was granted permission to begin the preparations. Lord Drelius seemed slighty occupied or just plain uninterested as busy men often do with the daily trifles of their subordinates, but I hope the representatives of the Church at least took note of my efforts. After all, I am doing the Lord’s work in a way.

Most of the summer flew by quickly with the obligatory accounting and bureaucratic duties of upholding the law, but I did manage to find a suitable priest for my Church-to-be. He is an older man by the name of Ignacio. I think he has been pushed to the side among the Brothers here in Hallow and he’s looking for a change of scenery. We get along well and I’m sure he’ll make a good delegate for the Church — and me — in Moreny. Perhaps I will have the architects and builders all ready in spring to fulfill my grand plan.

Winter is near, I hope this letter reaches you in good health. I send this humble Guild Cheque to help you in your preparations for winter. You need not worry about me: As you probably can tell, I am very excited about my prospects.

Your loving son,

Alek, Dienik of Hallow



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