The Village

Session 1

The First Day of Spring

As the first snows start to melt in the Grey Woods, three men from the village of Moreny travelled to the woods to forage and hunt.

Edvin the farmer, his foster son Flavius and their friend Eliasz the brewer, walked along the southern path, until they heard screams. Eliasz was the first to find out where the screams were coming, and the men all ran towards the noice.

They found a young priest Aurelio stuck in a pit trap, with a wooden spike through his leg. Flavius helped the priest out from the pit. Edvin built a stretcher and the men hauled the wounded priest back to the village to the healer Greco.

The healer patched up the unconscious priest, and told the men that the spikes in the trap were poisoned.

Edvin decided to take the priest to his house to recover for now. As the day came to an end Eliasz opened his tavern to the villagers, and Flavius found a holy book from the priests backpack and started to study it.

Talking to the village Hunter Barabbas, Edvin found out that the poison and the trap were likely made by the Stone Blooded mountain men, although the nearest mountains were far away. Edvin also found out that Barabbas was leaving the village, because a River Blooded fortune teller had shown him a vision of fire and soldiers destroying the village.



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