The Village

Session 3

The Dienik

Flavius brought the wounded mountain man back to the village, and locked him in Edvin´s barn. As the Dienik from Hallow arrived into the village, Edvin demanded justice. Edvin even suggested to Flavius the he should kill the mountain man, for attacking Edvin´s children.

The Dienik Alek told the Starzy that he was going to hold a meeting in the tavern about some new ideas that he had. Flavius suggested that to protect the village from possible attacks in the future he should be made an official village guard.

Greco the healer told Edvin that he found a plant from one of his books, that could wake up Edvin´s son from his coma. The only problem that the plant only grew in the Distant Lands.

In the meeting the Dienik convinced (with the help of a delicious meal that Eliasz prepared) the village elders except Edvin, that the village would benefit from a place of worship, and that one should be built. As the well made dinner continued in the tavern, the priest Aurelio collapsed from the table, apparently poisoned.

Flavius and few others helped the priest to the healers cottage. After the healer had examined the priest´s condition, he noted to Flavius in secret, that the priest hold the same tattoo as Flavius, the mark of The Legion. Greco the healer told Flavius that he would keep this secret.

As Flavius returned back home, he learned from Edvin´s daughter that the butcher Duka had been to the house. Flavius soon found out that Duka had stole the priest´s holy book and some money. Flavius successfully tracked Duka to the hills outside of the village and chased him for a long time until losing him in a dark forest.



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