The Village

Session 4

The River Queen

As the night grew dark Flavius found himself in the middle of the woods, miles away from Moreny. Flavius decided to make a fire and wait until morning to start find his way back home. After the cold night Flavius tried to find his way home but instead ended up finding The River Queen docked downstream from Moreny.

Hungry and tired Flavius asked for food from the River Blooded camp, but instead got the attention of the camp guard Bosco. As Flavius tried to leave Bosco stopped him. Flavius attacked Bosco and a fist fight ensued that lasted a long time until ending with both men bloodied but Flavius as the winner.

Meanwhile back in the village Eliasz and Alek were investigating the poisoning of the priest and soon found out that the likeliest suspect is Duka, as he had stolen some property from Edvin and lef the village. They also found out that the stone blooded man had died in Edvins barn. Greco the healer told Alek hesitantly that the man had been strangled by someone with skill.

Edvin decided to go after Flavius and look for him. He recruited young Theo a village hunter to accompany him and help to track down Duka and Flavius. The tracked the men the whole day and into the night and found Flavius in the River Blooded camp.

The men were invited by the defeated Bosco to some food and beds for the night. Edvin found out from a River Blooded boss, that the fortune teller Aleksandra probably have the exotic plant that Edvin needed to heal his wounded son.
Edvin sent Flavius to meet the fortune teller. The fortune teller was willing to give Flavius the plant, if he would agree to her terms. Aleksandra said that she would ask sometime in the future she would ask three favors from Flavius and he could not deny her. Flavius agreed to the terms.

Then the fortune teller showed Flavius a vision from his future, where he was an old man in a battle field drenched in blood holding a heavy crown made of iron.

The men decided to stay the night in the River Blooded camp near the River Queen.

Back in the village of Moreny, Eliasz confronted Tomas in the “new tavern”. Eliasz wanted Tomas to stop selling his wine, and the both agreed that this is a matter that the Starzy would need to decide, and Eliasz should bring his arguments to them.



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