The Village

Session 5


Edvin, Flavius wake up at the camp.

Edvin is given a proposal to fix the ship and sell some food to the river folk by the captain Drago.

Eliasz comes to the ship with stanko, and makes a deal with a local merchant to sell his beer down the river.

They search the ship for Duka, but do not find him. But they find Theo in a cell. They talk him out of the prison, and find out that Theo was arrested because he tried to see the fortune teller. Theo thinks that the fortune teller his being held captive on the ship.

The crew return to the village. At the boat Stanko makes a reference to Edvins daughter and angers him.

At the village Alek is leaving to get back to Hallow to start the preparations for the new Temple. He offers a guard post to Flavius if he comes to hallow to train with the town guards. Flavius declines. Edvin tells Flavius that there is a fugitive legionnaire in the village, and gives up the priest Aurelio.

Alek tells Edvin to watch over the unconcious priest till he can send some guards to pick him up.

With the help of the rare plant Flavius got from the fortune teller, Greco is able to revive Edvins son.

A starzy meeting is held concerning the trouble with Tomas´and Eliasz´taverns. And Eliasz with the help of Alek´s documents convinces the starzy that there is room only for one tavern in the village. Tomas sells his wine now on at Eliasz´tavern.

At the meeting Edvin uses the moment to convince the people of Moreny to be against the building of the temple and succeeds at changing the minds of the village.

Flavius tries to get Aurelio out of the village, but Eliasz stops him.

Angered Flavius goes back to the river queen, to find some news about his family. He finds a mercenary Marius, who after some heavy drinking reveals that Flavius´ younger brother has died, other brother is at the worlds end, and his younger sister is to be wed to lord Drelius of Hallow.

Flavius also finds out from Marius that the mercenary got the holy book from Duka, and that Duka is dead. Flavius then stole the book back from the passed out Marius and returned to the village.

Aurelio woke up in the tavern and convinced Eliasz to let him go, because he had done nothing wrong. He even promised Eliasz a share from a treasure that Aurelio was looking. Aurelio told that the way to the treasure was told in the holy book he was carrying.

Edvin tried to convince his daughter that Stanko was a bad man, and she should stay away from
him, but realized that Stanko had already got to her, and the girl had fallen for him.


Buahaa, you guys a crayzee!

Session 5

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