The Village

Session 6


As the first snow started to fall in the Grey Woods, Eliasz the brewer decided to at last take on the trip downriver to sell his beer to the River Blooded trader. He had already persuaded the twin fishermen Kasper and Kornel to ferry his brew downriver to the River Queen and decided to go with them this first time. Flavius also tagged along.

On the River Queen, Stanko told Eliasz that the priest Aurelio had left some things behind when he was arrested and thought that these objects should go to Eliasz. In addition to ragged clothing, within these possessions was a wooden disc with holes in it.

Eliasz was also approached by a dark skinned tattooed woman named Shora. Shora was a former slave who had worked in a tavern all her life, and was hoping to work in Eliasz´s tavern. The soft-hearted inn keeper was happy to take her in.

When they returned back to the village Shora immediately started her work, and proved her value to the tavern. A few days later Tomas arrived to tavern suggesting that in the spring Eliasz should sell his wine in addition to Eliasz´s beer down the river. Eliasz negotiated with Tomas over a few beers and agreed to the deal if Tomas would lower the selling price of his wine to Eliasz. To much dismay of his wife, the drunken Tomas agreed.

When the snow had already covered the forest around Moreny, Flavius decided that he would take up on the offer of Alek the Dienik, and go to train with the town guard of Hallow. He packed his bags and said farewells to his foster family and started the journey to Deer Hills and Hallow. On the first night of his journey he made a camp fire in the forest, and with a heated blade of his dagger he burned the skin off his chest until his tattoo of The Mark of the Legion was visible no more.

In hallow Flavius was greeted by the Dienik and the captain of the guard. He started his work immediately.

The winter went by in a rush, and as the snows started to melt, Flavius decided it was time to come back home and start his work as the guardian of Moreny.

In the spring Edvin was visited by his friend Vlad, who proposed that if he would get to marry Edvins daughter when she would become of age, then Vlad would help Edvin get a herd of animals from a weary farmer in the hills. Edvin agreed with the terms that Vlad would pay for the animals.

Edvins daughter was furious with the plan, as she was hoping to marry Stanko, and revealed in a fit of rage, that Stanko was the only one brave enough to kill the mountain man who injured her brother.

Flavius returned to the village escorting the newly appointed priest of the village Ignacio. It quickly became clear that Ignacio was a follower of the Old Creed. The stern hard looking man was covered with burn marks and carried a large sword almost as tall as the old man was.

Edvin ja Flavius decided to travel to the hills to get the herd of animals for Edvin. Two nights they travelled and encountered tracks of a band of men moving in the forest, but Flavius lost the tracks in the snow. As the men finally reached the hills the farm seemed empty, only the animals were in the yard.

Inside the farm they found a couple and their sons stricken by some sort of a disease. They all had died seemingly horrible deaths, but one of the sons still drew breath and could barely speak, all he could say was “the darkness is coming”. Flavius decided to end his misery, and with a quick blow to the head, the boy was at peace.

Edvin and Flavius then started their long way back to the village with the herd of animals.



Session 6

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