The Village

Session 7

Wolves and Sheep

Edvin and Flavius face down the wolves and Flavius defeats them both. Edvin manages to keep the animals calm and none are lost.

On the way back to the village they find one of the wolves dead on the ground. The wolf had been stricken by the same sickness that the farmers on the hill were.

Eliasz is approached by Eric the miller to drop his campaign for Starzy. Eric had been promised a position in starzy by Eliasz’ father, and was passed over by Tomas and thought that it was his time. Eliasz convinced Eric that his time would come, and persuaded Eric to help Eliasz become a member of the Starzy.

Returning to the village Flavius and Edvin saw a huge bonfire in the middle of Moreny. The new priest Ignacio was holding mass and had lit a bonfire to cleanse the village and offered the people of the village salvation and purification in the fire. Flavius told him to put the fire out and leave. Grudgingly Ignacio returned to the tavern.

Ignacio told Eliasz that Alek the Dienik had told him that Eliasz would be helpful to the priests needs and asked Eliasz to find him a temporary place for a temple for the time being. Eliasz agreed to pass the information along to the Starzy but would not do anything more.

The next morning Edvin and Flavius visited the helear Greco to tell him about the sick people and wolves found outside the village. Greco had already suspected something like that when he had examined the dead Stone Blooded men. Edvin convinced Greco to come with him and help to get rid of the new priest.

They confronted the priest behind the tavern, and found him bathing himself. The priest was filled with burn marks and scars. The priest was not easily convinced or threatened and demanded that he would be given the old house of Barabbas to serve as a temporary place of worship. The villagers had to obey.

That night Edvin, Flavius and Eliasz held a meeting in the tavern. Eliasz had been told by Aurelio that his holy book contained a map or instructions to a treasure near the village. Flavius had stolen the book back from the mercenary Marius. Using the wooden symbol that Eliasz had Flavius was able to decode the book and indeed found directions to a hidden treasure in the Grey Woods up the river.

“…. so the exiled prince and his loyal servants crossed the great sea to the land of frost and the Mud Blooded… the new emperor was furious and sent an army after them but the treasure was never found… the Prince hid that which was most important…. without it the Emperor would never be the true ruler of the Oceans…. so they travelled and faced many challenges defeating the …. then up the river, through the woods of grey, a waterfall, the shape of a wolf’s head, a hidden cave, tunnels so old they were dug by the first Mud Men, past the fountain, over the bridge… they found a hall…. the wounded prince fell…. and there he now lies, with the last hope of his land…”



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