Barkeep and innkeeper in the remote village of Moreny


Eliasz was born in the village of Moreny as the youngest of three sons in the family. His father Jakub, an innkeeper in the village, had to raise his sons by himself for when Eliasz was very young, a sudden and harsh epidemic raging in the norht claimed his mother’s life. Eliasz’s father was heart-broken and never fully recovered from this leaving the everyday business of the inn into the capable hand of his sons.

Eliasz’s two elder brothers, identical twins Gregorz and Gustaw, were both very keen on running the village inn letting Eliasz, the runt of the family, concentrate on his true passion of beer brewing. Eliasz became quite skillful in this art and also experimented with different roots and berries native in that region of the Empire and as his brews became smoohter and better, so did his pride in his drink.

Unfortunately a number of years back, Eliasz’s life was once again shattered when a pack of wild Potwora attacked the village in a cold winter’s night claiming the lifes of Eliasz’s elder brothers along with a number of other villagers. Eliasz was left alone, in charge of not only brewing the beer for the inn but also running the day-to-day affairs of this establishment considered to be the common living room of the whole village.


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