The Legion

The Legion is a part of the armies of the Emperor.

The Legion consists of men usually forced into service, as a punishment of a crime, or men trying to escape their debts or their pasts.

All Legionnaires are branded or tattooed with the mark of the Legion.

Joining the Legion means that you join for life, leaving the Legion is punished by death. Serving in the Legion is the only way for many peasants or criminals to gain any status in the Empire.

Many Generals of the Legion hold considerable power, and the high general Gravus is a feared and respected man in all of the Empire, and is said that he could take down even the Emperor.

The Legion is fast growing to be the largest army in the Empire, this is why most of the Legionnaires are posted in the far reaches of the Empire, away from the big cities of the coasts, and especially the capital.

Mostly the Legion fights against the Stone Blooded mountain men.

The Legion

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